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Ernst-Singh £10,000
Homeopathic Challenge



Trick or Treatment?

Alternative Medicine on Trial

By Professor Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh

Ernst-Singh Homeopathic Challenge

The conclusion in our book (Trick or Treatment?) suggests that there is no convincing evidence to show that homeopathic remedies are effective in the treatment of any conditions, except as a placebo. However, our conclusion has been met by criticism from many homeopaths, who claim that homeopathy is effective and who accuse us of ignoring or misunderstanding the evidence. So who is right, us or the homeopaths? We are so confident in our conclusion that there is no convincing evidence to support the use of homeopathy that on 16 June 2008 we announced a £10,000 reward for anybody who could prove us wrong.

We challenge homeopaths to demonstrate that homeopathy is effective by showing that the Cochrane Collaboration has published a review that is strongly and conclusively positive about high dilution homeopathic remedies for any human condition.

Or, we challenge homeopaths to have such a review published within 12 months of the first publication of extracts from Trick or Treatment? (8 April, 2009).
The challenge has now expired and the prize has not been won.

The Prize will be £10,000 - it will be paid by Ernst and Singh out of their own pockets to the first person or persons to present such evidence.

To apply for the prize, please send by recorded delivery a hard copy of the Cochrane Review in question and any supporting information to:

Ernst & Singh
Homeopathic Challenge,
c/o Morley House,
36 Acreman Street,
Dorset, DT9 3NX,
United Kingdom.

We will respond to your application within 28 days. More Information about the some of the terms used in the Challenge: