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Trick or Treatment?

Alternative Medicine on Trial

By Professor Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh

Chapter 5 - The Truth About Herbal Medicine

Page 235
5300 years ago, the Ice Man used natural laxatives and antibiotics
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The herbal pharmacy

Page 243
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Page 246
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First, do no harm

Page 250
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Page 250
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Page 251
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Page 251
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Page 253
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Page 253
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Page 254
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Page 254
FDA warns consumers against taking dietary supplement 'Sleeping Buddha'
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Page 254
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Page 255
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Page 256
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Page 256
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Page 257
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Page 260
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Page 262
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Page 263
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Why do smart people believe odd things?

Page 268
A Close Look at Therapeutic Touch
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Page 272
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Page 274
Rusty results
Ben Goldacre
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Page 276
Does Prayer Influence the Success of in-Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer?
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Page 277
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Page 277
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Seeing is believing

Page 280
The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Bobby Henderson